MDB Tool - For Microsoft Access App Recensioni

Anche se ho acquistato lapp, non mi apre i file in formato access, non compratela!

posso avere indietro i soldi, a che mi devo rivolgere????

fa quello che promette

Dovevo aprire in file access. Lo ha fatto senza problemi. Cesare


Ha esattamente fatto quello che prometteva. Aperto file MDB ed esportato in SQL (MySQL)

soldi sprecati

L’ho comperata per cercare di non dover buttare via dei grossi files in Access essendo passato al Mac. Purtroppo non serve a nulla: trasforma tutto in una tabellona non ordinabile su cui non si può far nulla. Solo leggerla così com’è. Molto meglio convertire da Access ad Excel e gestirselo così. Soldi buttati

Crashes on large databases

Tried to import a 1.2gb database. Program crashes when selecting the largest table within it. Program crashes when trying to export it to another format. What does it do well? Your guess is as good as mine...


I purchased this app looking to convert a simple .MDB into SQLite to do away with an unsupported MS Access application. However, I can’t get the app to launch. If you have a recent OSX install 10.10 or higher - DO NOT BUY THIS APP - it will not run. Developer - according to your review, it looks like at one point, this application did what it is advertised to do. However, this is no longer that case. Apple - rather than create sublte nuances of whicha apps should and should not be on the store - how about checking apps that are on the store that NO LONGER FUNCTION. While I only spent $5.99 on this software, the frustration of purchasing something that is worthless is immeasurable and discounts your platform as well as your management practices governing store operations. Both of you need to address this…...

Nice app, but needs sorting and find features...

I needed an app that would allow me to view my Access Databases on my Mac. This app does exactly that and has helped me achieve my needs. Only thing stopping me from giving 5 stars is that I wish that I could sort the columns or use the find feature. In my case, the find will not work (the are in the menus, but grayed out). Clicking on the column headers does nothing to sort the data in the columns. It would be nice to see these features in an update. Thanks!


Well worth the money. This app is an easy solution to a problem that nearly caused me not to buy a mac. Very simple to use.

Works Perfectly

The App does exaclty what it says it does. It was fast and efficient - I definately recomend it.

Didn't work and no onscreen info

I purchased this app looking for a cheaper solution to extracting my Access files to import them to another program. The app "opened" my files, showing that there was a little less than 1K lines, but didn't show me any data. After trying to click the file, app crashed…7 times. Not only does it not work, but there is no on-screen directions letting you know if it is loading or doing anything - a status bar is needed, if it really does work.

Does not work

Didn't read even the tables on a small file. DO NOT BUY!!!

Works well

I needed to open an old mdb file. Its been forever since I've used windows. This worked for me!

Did the trick

Did exactly what I needed it to do.

Exported my data

Did about 400,000 records to mysql. Nice and simple.

Able to open my mdb files

Its working great. I needed to open the mdb file and it did the job.

speed, your next update

well, here is my experience with this app: - first I tried it to open a relatively small MBD with around 5k rows? very good, I can see them now. - next I exported them into sql, fine. - then tried it on the largest file I have, it has around 300k rows. nothing happened for a long time, so I walked out and did my shopping…when I came back, it was done. conclusion: this app is very useful when you need to frequently open and do some work on a bunch of relatively small database. If you need to work on oversized database, do it with microsoft access

Does not work.

This app does not work. Tried importing MDB file. It gives no useful feedback to the user notifying them the import failed. It just sits there. Scam-ware. Do not buy.

Works! But no progress indicators

I used this to convert an access database with 1,087,202 rows. The app appeared to freeze for a long time when opening and exporting, but everything worked.

It worked.

I had 400+ rows of old but important data that could not be recreated. This opened it all with no errors in any data and allowed me to export it into multiple programs. That's a perfect score in my book. Thanks.

Useless to me

I bought this app to export the tables of several 2003 MS Access files. It was only able to open one of them (no luck for the .mde files) and even for the one mdb file, the program could not read the larger tables with +10K rows.

Worth all 299 pennies

I had to get data out of six 10+ year-old mdb's (30-90MB) containing 10-20 tables each. Most of the tables contained < 5K rows, but about 25% had 10-15K rows. After reading the comments I was expecting it to crash or, at best, work with only a couple of the files. Only took a few minutes to get all six files exported to SQL and working in SQLite. If I never use it again (which would be a good thing) it's the best $3 I've spent (at least on software).

Crashes for me

Well, I have a 10 year old access database of about 50 tables ranging from 0 to 30k rows (most tables have a few thousand rows). The program crashes for me on both SQL export and on CSV export. During CSV export I can tell it made partial progress until it got to my table with 30K rows and thats where it gave up (just an observation). Still at 99 cents, it was worth a shot. It seems to work for other people here.


The App crashes trying to open an old .MDB. The website link on this page goes to 'localhost' and the support link goes to a phpbb with no forums created. App doesn't work and there is no way to get support. Not good.

Works fine for me!

I used to have to open MS Access via bootcamp or parrallel desktop in order to view some MDB (log) files. Now this little program is taking care of that from within OS-X Lion. Great!

Handles big databases too, but unicode problems

A 6-year-old MDB, 25MB in size, multiple tables with row counts over 30,000 each, but some (not all) unicode characters are borked. Exports to CSV quickly.

It Just Works

I just converted a small Access (.mdb) database to Bento using this little gem. It easily exported my tables to .CSV format, which Bento imported seamlessly. It was not a strenuous test, but it did work well for me.

Does not work

I needed to open a mdb file so I bought this app. it reads the titles of the tables but not the content. When I try to export the tables the files that get created are empty. Very disappointing

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