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Crashes on large databases

Tried to import a 1.2gb database. Program crashes when selecting the largest table within it. Program crashes when trying to export it to another format. What does it do well? Your guess is as good as mine...

Crash and cant read the mdb file.

I used this tool to read a mdv file. The software will show you the index of the tables but as soon as you want to read data it crash. I recommend to avoid it even if it looks cheap :)

Not recommended

It simply didnt work to me. It opens the .mdb file but when I click on large tables (+300 records) it crashes. For small tables it did not export the data. Not sure if I am not familiar with the software (what I dont think so), but there is another professional (and most expensive) option available on App Store.

Dont Buy IT!

I bought it, and it simply doesnt work at all. It didnt crash, but it simply doesnt open the tables. Completely useless.

Nice Tool

It is a nice tool and does what it claims to do, just a littel pitty, there are no options fpr customizing the sql export. So it is only possible to export for sqlite because table name is like [table], only recognized by sqlite, also it always prepends a DROP TABLE [TABLENAME]; , which will not wor on empty databases, so you will have to manually remove these statements. If these two points are fixed i will gladly give all 5 stars. In the end nevertheless i would like to recommend this App, considering the low price

crashes for unknown reason; to expensive

I gave it a try. But failed while trying ton transform a *mdb from access to a simple csv file. The app crashed for unknown reason (latest OSX 10.8) .. as far as I understood; due to empty table section in he imput file. It just provides one export format ... therefore it`s to expensive. UPDATE: it worked for me when I unchecked tables except a single one. hence one might export single tables step by step ...

Windoze developer

What a great little tool for looking at mdb files. Now I dont have to spin up a vm just to look at those old databases. The export SQL feature is great!!!

Does the job, but more is desired for a paid app

1) One missing functinality - export the structure only. I had a 2.5 mln records MDB and needed structure only. Took a long time, but the tool exported the MDB. But then I had to manually edit the export file (too big for some text editors) to extract the very short structure CREATE TABLE statements. 2) Most popular DB in the world is My SQL. Needs that export format.

Doesnt Work

Just purchased this app to view an MDB file. I choose my MDB file, another box comes up with nothing in it. Just blank. When I click on the link in the app store for support, it brings me to a web forum but says there are no boards on the forum. Useless.

Does not work

I needed to open a mdb file so I bought this app. it reads the titles of the tables but not the content. When I try to export the tables the files that get created are empty. Very disappointing

It Just Works

I just converted a small Access (.mdb) database to Bento using this little gem. It easily exported my tables to .CSV format, which Bento imported seamlessly. It was not a strenuous test, but it did work well for me.

Handles big databases too, but unicode problems

A 6-year-old MDB, 25MB in size, multiple tables with row counts over 30,000 each, but some (not all) unicode characters are borked. Exports to CSV quickly.

Works fine for me!

I used to have to open MS Access via bootcamp or parrallel desktop in order to view some MDB (log) files. Now this little program is taking care of that from within OS-X Lion. Great!


The App crashes trying to open an old .MDB. The website link on this page goes to localhost and the support link goes to a phpbb with no forums created. App doesnt work and there is no way to get support. Not good.

Crashes for me

Well, I have a 10 year old access database of about 50 tables ranging from 0 to 30k rows (most tables have a few thousand rows). The program crashes for me on both SQL export and on CSV export. During CSV export I can tell it made partial progress until it got to my table with 30K rows and thats where it gave up (just an observation). Still at 99 cents, it was worth a shot. It seems to work for other people here.

Worth all 299 pennies

I had to get data out of six 10+ year-old mdbs (30-90MB) containing 10-20 tables each. Most of the tables contained < 5K rows, but about 25% had 10-15K rows. After reading the comments I was expecting it to crash or, at best, work with only a couple of the files. Only took a few minutes to get all six files exported to SQL and working in SQLite. If I never use it again (which would be a good thing) its the best $3 Ive spent (at least on software).

Useless to me

I bought this app to export the tables of several 2003 MS Access files. It was only able to open one of them (no luck for the .mde files) and even for the one mdb file, the program could not read the larger tables with +10K rows.

It worked.

I had 400+ rows of old but important data that could not be recreated. This opened it all with no errors in any data and allowed me to export it into multiple programs. Thats a perfect score in my book. Thanks.

Works! But no progress indicators

I used this to convert an access database with 1,087,202 rows. The app appeared to freeze for a long time when opening and exporting, but everything worked.

Does not work.

This app does not work. Tried importing MDB file. It gives no useful feedback to the user notifying them the import failed. It just sits there. Scam-ware. Do not buy.

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